Las Ramblas Golf Society – Results for w/c 9.12.19

Las Ramblas Golf Society - Results for w/c 9.12.19
Las Ramblas Golf Society - Results for w/c 9.12.19

Due to the heavy rain we experienced together with the fact we held our AGM there was no report for last week. Welcome to our new committee members Olga and Alan Douglas. However, I can’t let it go unnoticed that Geoff Biggerstaff, together Dean Tracey (who’s he then?) took Friday’s 2 Ball Better Ball with a whopping 45 points! Geoff was one of our founding members some 22 years ago and is ‘hanging up’ his clubs at the end of this year. We wish him well in his ‘retirement’.

With a score of 82 points, it was Olga Douglas (she who must now be obeyed)! Dave Pulling, Ron Phipps and Nora Betts who triumphed in Monday’s 6x6x6.

Wednesday’s ‘Joker Stableford’ was a close call with the top 4 all scoring 36 points! After lots of count back Lindsay Forbes was declared the winner followed by Annemarie Weisheit, Ron Phipps and Richard Connock. Just the one ‘2’ today which went to Ron.

Friday saw us competing in a ‘Bowmaker’ (which is the best 3 scores out of 4 to count on each hole). With a winning score of 112 points it was the usual suspects John Drakesmith, Heinz Lei, Mike Chapman and Dave Pulling (him again) who took 1st place.

This week’s quote belongs to Peter Dobereiner who commented, ‘Half of golf is fun; the other half is putting.’

Pues hasta la semana que viene

Peter Reffell