Passenger numbers continue to fall at Corvera

Flights between Murcia and Barcelona will start early next year
Flights between Murcia and Barcelona will start early next year

The Murcia International Airport processed 8,000 fewer travellers in November, than San Javier during the same period last year, and a total of 172,656 fewer that the old airport in the period since January, reaching a total since it first opened of 1,054,058 passengers as compared to 1,226,714 at San Javier.

In November the figure dropped from 48,603 to 40,727.

Accumulated aircraft movements in 2019 were 7,623, while in San Javier aircraft took off and landed on 8,767 occasions. Last month the figure fell from 403 to 375.

However the bad news relating to passenger figures is countered by the announcement that Corvera airport will have a connection with Barcelona before March 2020, according to the president of the Community, Fernando López Miras.

When asked earlier this week about Corvera airport and the loss of passengers, López Miras confirmed that there is now an agreement to start flights between Murcia and Barcelona with tickets about to go on sale.

The president said that the International Airport “is meeting the objectives that were set in the contract and the specifications agreed with operator AENA”. Thus, he added that it has now exceeded one million passengers and the Community is already charging the concession fee.

“It is an Airport about which all concessionaires, all airlines and the entire sector tells us that it is attractive,” emphasising that has been running for less than a year and “has already achieved the goal of more than one million passengers.”

He said that the Airport “is progressing very well and that many new airlines are interested in the Airport, as well as new flights.”