• The investment round was lead by Harvard Alumnae and mentors from the SeedRocket accelerator group.
  • Before August 2020, they expect to close another capital increase round.

The Spanish startup, GuruWalk has obtained a €1M investment for its seed round. The funding was primarily from the mentors in the SeedRocket startup accelerator and lead by the investments from Harvard Alumni. This round was also made possible by a participatory loan from the Valencian Financial Institute (IVF).

The worldwide leader in tip-based guided tours, has had the convertible securities it raised over the past year and a half from the SeedRocket accelerator and other Business Angel professionals as a solid base for this capital increase. On Friday, November 29, those convertible securities had an additional €200,000 contributed by the Harvard Alumni group, Ethos Angel Investment Fund. The capital increase was also complemented by a €300,000 participatory loan from the Valencian Financial Institute (L’Institut Valenciá de Finances).

“Our company has a Series A Funding round pending that we expect to close before August of 2020,” stated GuruWalk cofounder, Juan Castillo.

After attaining this funding, the company has set its sights on obtaining new talented professionals who will be able to complement the strengths of the current GuruWalk team and bring added value. Furthermore, the startup is determined to establish itself in the Tourism Sector as the leading platform for pay-what-you-please walking tours.

Founded in 2017 in Spain, GuruWalk is the first international community that offers pay-what-you-please walking tours, or free walking tours. This type of tour consists of guided visits of the most emblematic sites of a city and also includes themed visits or alternative tours. On the platform, travelers from all over the world have the chance to contact local guides for free.

Likewise, any person with a passion to share his or her city has the chance to do so without having to be part of a professional association. Tourists pay only a tip to the guide at the end of the tour. The tip varies based on the participant’s satisfaction with the experience offered by the guide. In little more than two years, GuruWalk has established connections with local guides in almost 100 countries.

GuruWalk team

GuruWalk team 


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