Costas working to save Torrevieja’s Los Locos beach

Costas working to save Torrevieja’s Los Locos beach
Costas working to save Torrevieja’s Los Locos beach

The striking white colour of the newly arrived quarry sand from Murcia has taken over the central stretch of Los Locos beach as earlier in the week the work began to “save” this popular urban beach in Torrevieja from the effects of erosion.

In recent weeks the width of the beach, particularly the central area, has been reduced from over 20 metres to less than two.

The first phase of the project includes the ” addition ” of 12,000 cubic meters of sand. Although the work is being financed by the State through the General Directorate of the Coast of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, it is the Torrevieja City Council that is responsible for the work.

To date Costas has not even issued a press release relating to the project that involves expenditure of 417,000 euros – although the information issued in the plan does not specify whether it is the amount for just the first phase of four months or for the total, which will be completed with the addition of a further 20,000 cubic meters.

The work has been awarded to the Valencian company AZVI – the same company that built the marketplace. The main objective of this particular phase is to widen the central section of this beach by 20 metres.

Councillor Antoni Vidal explained that, although the work was not scheduled to get underway until early next year 2020, “due to the damage caused by the cold drop last September it has been decided bring the project forward.”