Dredging underway at mouth of River Segura

Dredging underway at mouth of River Segura
Dredging underway at mouth of River Segura

  • Guardamar Beach Residents Association flag-up pledges made a decade ago – after concerns the River Segura would to burst its banks

By Andrew Atkinson

IN the wake of September’s Gota Fria dredging got underway this month at the River Segura channel mouth – a decade since the Government said they would act.

The Guardamar Beach Residents Association have flagged up pledges made a decade ago – after concerns the river would to burst its banks in future cold drops.

The devastation caused in September’s Gota Fria were aided – by blockages in the Segura River.

And other promises were also flagged up – over THREE decades ago: “Following the great flood in November 1987 a flood defense plan was launched.

“At the time assurances were given – that it would never occur again.

“2019, and the River Segura continues to overflow,” a reader, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Leader.

Calls have been made to re-route the River Segura – moreso in Orihuela and Rojales – alongside other areas.

A report from 1987 warned about the ongoing effects future Gota Fria flooding could cause – and prompted action.

Advice was given to install large capacity collectors; rain tanks and flood parks.

It was deemed the population needed educating, for situations of risk and emergency.

Also, the implementation of personal alert systems, via mobile technology, were suggested, along with promoting risk management, with realistic flood maps.

The Professor, who conducted the report, warned Spanish authorities: “In a few years, we may return to report a new disaster, possibly worse than this. So you have to get to work.”

Another concerned reader told The Leader: “They have to dredge much more than only the mouth of the River Segura.

“There are so many areas with a lot of weed growing in the middle of it.”

Concerns were also aired, regarding the release of water from the Santomaria Reservoir, in September’s Gota Fria flooding.

“No mention that water from the Santomaria Reservoir being released did most of the damage,” they added.


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