Great news about Pilar de la Horadada’s opening of their new footbridge, looks very nice, yet we in Costa Campoamor have been waiting for our bridge for more than 10 years.

It’s not just this inept Coalition Council but also the previous Councils, who have done nothing to get the bridge built over the AP7.

How many ultimatums do you need to give to a Developer and not follow through with your threats before it sinks in that the Council is a laughing stock.
What is it going to take to get our bridge built? A death or a serious injury!

If the bridge was needed in Orihuela it would have been built years ago without question or delay, but because it’s for Costa Campoamor we are seen to be less worthy, second class citizens, by our inept Council 34 Kms away who have no interest as a Council or as individuals.

Where are our Councillors who are supposedly working for us. They sneak to the coast, do their PR then quickly get out. You only know when they’ve been, when you read about it in the papers, signing contracts for a park etc.

Does anyone actually know who our Councillors are? Have they been here walking around talking to the people on the streets for their opinions, I don’t think.