Are you unsure about hair transplant surgery?

Are you unsure about hair transplant surgery?
Are you unsure about hair transplant surgery?

Women are bombarded with magazine covers and adverts for hair and makeup products, and some say this is unfair. However, men have traditionally had few options when it comes to self-improvement. Once you get past 40 you’re either a rare, good looking silver fox, or you have a lot of money, or you’re a regular, ordinary gargoyle like the rest of us!

While it’s not fair that women are pressured to be thin and perfect, it’s equally unfair that men were not allowed to alter their appearance in any substantial way for many years, without being laughed out of the office.

While you may not want to paint your nails pink, start sporting a Man Bun or wax your legs, there are many procedures now open to men of all ages, to help them to improve their appearance.

While we’d all love to go back to being 35 again, the truth is the majority of us want to look like ourselves, only better. That could mean being healthier and leaner, having bigger arms and a smaller waist, getting rid of a few wrinkles or – and this is the big one for a lot of men – re-growing their hair.

Many men struggle with losing their hair, and it doesn’t help that bald and wig-wearing men are the butt of many a joke and comedy sketch. There’s been a revolution of sorts lately, and suddenly men are admitting that they actually do have feelings and emotions about the aging process.

Aging is hard, it’s unforgiving and it takes important parts of yourself away from you, your hair being a very visible one of them. The visible signs of aging, which until recently were only allowed by society to cause anxiety and depressing in women, are now universally recognised as well, not very nice for anybody to go through. It’s normal to be a bit down about losing your hair.

This revelation has come as a huge relief to men struggling with the aging process, and in many friendship groups now, there’s often one man that breaks the ice, takes the bull by the horns and goes for the procedure he feels is going to enhance his life. His friends may joke about it, but he’s the first and the others will follow.

If you want a hair transplant, get one. If you are wondering about prices, a good tip is to try the hair transplant Turkey market, especially through a UK company such as Medaway, who can organise and book your entire trip plus treatment, for far less than it would be at home.

You might be the first in your family, your friendship group or your office to take the plunge. You might even be the butt of some silly jokes from people still stuck in the past, but one thing nobody can argue with, is your reflection in the mirror, and the new version of you that exists – with a full head of hair – in the eyes of everyone around you.