Butlins for Christmas: Costa Blanca-Costa Calida 2020

Rebecca's 'Fab 4' - Butlins for Christmas.
Rebecca's 'Fab 4' - Butlins for Christmas.

  • Andrew Atkinson continues with Part 2 of single parent Rebecca Barrett – and her four young childrens Spanish ventures – in a Leader exclusive.

HAVING decided to home school her four young children and leave the UK rat-race behind – Rebecca Barrett turned to Spain, in a life changing decision.

“There were times leading up to the big day – wondering if I was doing the right thing.

“Would we like it. Would the kids resent me – and not be happy?,” said Rebecca.

Spray and Save

“Would they be ok on the plane? I was literally going into the unknown – it was their first time we had travelled on an aeroplane,” said Rebecca.

“I need not have worried. The journey was a dream – and the kids were so well behaved!.

“We landed in beautiful sunny Spain, after leaving the freezing UK! We have an amazing 3 bedroom Villa – with a private swimming pool.

“And for less than what we paid for rent on our house in England. Let alone, all the bills on top!,” said Rebecca.

“We are loving every minute here, and we are all learning the Spanish language.

“We are able to do what we love – be outside – in the pool or on the beach and visiting some of the attractions.

“We are doing daily home-schooling. Learning Spanish, which will really be a bonus for the children in speaking another language,” said Rebecca.

“We have taken in days where we have visiting historic places in Spain, benefitting the children’s education,” said Rebecca.

“I am a big believer that you only live once. You never know what’s round the corner – so live life to the full – and enjoy it!,” said Rebecca.

“I always believe in myself – even when, sometimes, those closest to me don’t,” said Rebecca.

“People tell me I cannot do things – because I have four young children, but limitations only exist in your mind.

“You can do anything – if you put your mind to it!,” said Rebecca, who is spending Christmas and New Year with the family in the UK.

“We are going to Butlins for Christmas. Then we will return to Spain in 2020.

“We would love to visit the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida and the historic areas – along with days in the sunshine and on the beach!,” said Rebecca.




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