Dracula´s A Scream!

Dracula´s A Scream!
Dracula´s A Scream!

STUDIO32 have produced another smash hit with their excellent production of the wacky spooky musical ‘The Dracula Spectacula’. From the moment the show started until the final curtain the audience were treated to some great songs, amusing comedy, and dynamic dance routines.

In this bubbling modern extravaganza – half musical, half pantomime – the audience were swung into riotous Transylvanian happenings. A young, sweet but vulnerable schoolteacher Miss Nadia Naïve and her pupils have a close encounter with the irrepressible Count Dracula and his gruesome acolytes, but to the rescue on the side of good come noble Dr Nick Necrophiliac and his loyal friend Father MacStake.

Great solo numbers and company numbers made this a performance to remember. A highlight of the show has to be Dracula´s number ´A Super Rat Like Me´ and ´Drink Lubbly Glublick.

The whole cast produced some excellent and memorable roles: Bill Nicholson as the charismatic Count Dracula; Lynn Preston as his mad mother Countess Wraith (and also the drunken pilot at the start of the show); Suzy Bradley as a brilliant and unforgettable Genghis, Julie Cartwright as the sweet little teacher Nadia Naïve; Luke Ringrose as the super-smooth Dr Nick Necrophiliac; Nick Morgan as the jolly inn-keeper Herr Hans together with his jolly wife Gretel played by Ann Bell.

Supporting roles were equally well played: Nadia´s pupils Julie (Caroline Sim), Kelly (Jean Durham) and Elvis (Tony Tompkins); Master Landau (Keith Longshaw); and air stewardesses played by Jackie Waller and Lindsay Kendall.

Director and choreographer Susan Zillah Wilson has once again delivered another professional STUDIO32 hit. Chairman Philip Wilson commented: “I’m very proud of everyone involved, they all worked very hard to produce such an excellent show. This time we are raising money for local charities as before, but specifically donating to charities that are assisting with people affected by the recent floods.

I´d like to take this opportunity to thank San Fulgencio Town Hall for their help and support of this production.” STUDIO32 were delighted to welcome Councillor David Vives Gil (pictured) on to the stage. David thanked the company on behalf of the people of San Fulgencio for their charity work and their support of the local community.

If you would like to get involved with this talented theatre company, either on stage or helping the production team, then why not come along to their Open Day on Sunday November 24th at Casa Ventura, San Luis. STUDIO32´s next production will be the Rodgers & Hammerstein classic ´SOUTH PACIFIC´.


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