The ‘Fab 4’ and mum’s journey to Spain

SINGLE mum Rebecca Barrett says she is blessed to have four amazing young children.
SINGLE mum Rebecca Barrett says she is blessed to have four amazing young children.

Andrew Atkinson talks to single parent Rebecca Barrett about her four young children – in Part 1 of a Leader Exclusive.

SINGLE mum Rebecca Barrett says she is blessed to have four amazing young children.

“I have raised the children 100% on my own – things haven’t always been easy,” said Rebecca, who is spending time in Spain with the kids.

Rebecca, who was determined to give the children ‘the best life possible’, said: “I didn’t want them to miss out on normal things. “I wanted to be able to treat them too – to go on holiday – and enjoy life to the full.”

Rebecca, from Portsmouth, who formerly struggled living off benefits, said: “I made a promise to myself that I would improve our lives. And, over the last two years, I have come completely off benefits.”

Rebecca, holidaying in Malaga and Benalmadena, said: “We had a lovely 4 bedroom home in the UK, and went on several holidays a year.

“But I was not spending my days how I wanted to. Life became a drag, mundane and repetitive.”

After a lengthy period, thinking about the family’s future and how to change the situation, Rebecca decided to start home schooling her children.

“I love it!,” said Rebecca, who has spent days on the beaches in Spain with her four kids. “Being able to spend more time with them is great. Seeing how much progress they are making,” said Rebecca.

“Being directly involved with their learning is incredible,” said Rebecca.

“Instead of our entire days being one huge stressful rush we are able to set our own schedule. “They are having a very good education from home.”

Rebecca then decided to go a step further: “I do not enjoy winter in the UK – mainly due to the bad weather preventing us doing things we love – to be outdoors,” said Rebecca. She had another huge decision to make – and gave up their 4 bedroom home.

“We also gave lots of our items to Charity – sold some – and put some in storage,” said Rebecca. “We were going to start travelling – and start our journey in sunny Spain,” said Rebecca.

Rebecca’s story mirrors a family – tired of the rat race – who quit their jobs and sold their £350,000 home to travel the world with their young kids.

“There’s more to life,” said former stock market trader Andre Baldeo, 45, who, with wife Becky, 44, and children, Rico, 12, and Tiana-Mae, 10, currently reside in Cape Town, south Africa.

*Part 2 of Rebecca and her four children’s story, with Christmas plans, and a visit to the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida in 2020. Next week. Only in The Leader.



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