Hilary’s gotta-lotta (hot water) bottle!

Hilary's gotta-lotta (hot water) bottle!
Hilary's gotta-lotta (hot water) bottle!

By Andrew Atkinson

Having sunbathed in temperatures of 30 degrees plus in Spain this year, Hilary Turner has turned to drastic measures, to keep warm back in the UK – with a giant hot water bottle!

“The giant hot water bottle stays warm until the early hours of the morning!,” Hilary told The Leader.

“The hot water bottle is 2ft 6″ – if you put it across your tummy it feels like your being hugged,” said retired Nurse, Preston, Lancashire born Hilary.

Containers to warm the bed were used in the 16th century, with early versions containing hot coals, from the dying embers of the fire.

Prior to the invention of rubber hot-water bottles, they were made of various materials, including zinc, copper, brass, glass, earthenware and wood.

To prevent burning, metal hot water bottles were wrapped in a soft cloth bag.

India rubber hot-water bottles were in use in Britain by 1875. Modern conventional hot-water bottles were patented in 1903, manufactured in a natural rubber or PVC.

Hilary, 55, who visited Los Montesinos last month with brother Roger, is having to cuddle up to the hot water bottle – as the winter weather deepens in the UK.

“It keeps your feet – up to your belly – warm. It’s great, when you sleep alone!,” said Hilary.


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