Good spirit at Monte – stalwart Dmitry

Monte stalwart Dmitry. Photo: Full Monte supporters club.
Monte stalwart Dmitry. Photo: Full Monte supporters club.

By Andrew Atkinson Exclusive

CD Montesinos stalwart Dmitry Vasiliev doesn’t mind how the Valencia 2nd Regional G14 club win – it’s the points that count – in the quest for promotion.

“The team are playing well and have lost just one game – it’s been a good start to the season,” said Dmitry, after Monte’s 2-1 away win against Torrevieja CF on November 17.

The Los Montesinos based club have maintained their form, under new coach Jesus Santander, back on top of the table in a bid to return to the 1st Regional, after relegation last season.

“We can always do better. But each week we have played well,” said Dmitry.

“There are no easy games – and the main thing is that we win, and collect the three points,” said Dmitry.

“Of course we hope to return to the 1st Regional this season. The hope is there from everyone at the club,” said Dmitry.

“The players will continue to fight for the promotion all season,” said Dmitry.

Following caretaker coach Ruben departing at the end of last season the appointment of Santander was made, with new and former players returning to the club for the 2019-20 season.

Monte’s squad includes Carlos, Manu, Morante, Dmitry, Fernando, German, Maccan, Josema, Carlos Lorente, Alfredo, Diego. Luis Toledano, Alex Pamies, Pastor, Santos, Gonzalo, Manu, Nicolas Chupov, Lucas, Diego Barroso and Pepe.

“Everything is going well with coach Jesus Santander, and, along with new faces, former players, including Manu, have returned,” said Dmitry, 33.

CD Montesinos retained the services of goalkeeper Carlos, distancing other interested parties to sign him, the Monte stopper signing a new contract in the summer.

“Carlos is a great ‘keeper – he demonstrated that last season, when named Player of the Season,” said Dmitry.

“Carlos continues to be in good form this season – along with all the players – underlining the team are playing good. There is a good spirit here,” said Dmitry.




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