This Week in Apps

This Week in Apps
This Week in Apps

As smartphone technology advance at a tremendous rate, the app market is also expanding every week. Today, you can expect to see fantastic app releases and updates, giving you lots of options for both business and entertainment. Before you check out the best betting apps for UK users to enjoy both fun and profit, here are the top stories in apps this week:

Facebook Redesigns its App

With Facebook dedicated to ensuring that they stay in business for decades, the franchise has released yet another exciting update on their app. The new feature gives you a dedicated feed for only news, separate from your regular feed. This area will be free from your friend’s memes and your sister’s new baby, focusing solely on journalism.

Facebook’s Campbell Brown said Facebook News is currently being tested in the US, though it will be soon available globally. The news section is designed to help users efficiently track down actual news on Facebook. People will have more control over the stories they see than in conventional media, also getting the ability to explore a wide range of news interests within the app.

To show you the content that you might find interesting, Facebook will be using a personalization technology, which will consider your previous activity in the app. Even better, your regular news updates on your usual news feed won’t be interrupted.

18 Malware Apps Sneak into Apple’s App Store

When it comes to malware prevention, not even the Apple Store is perfect. However, iPhone remains among the most secure consumer devices that money can buy due to its locked-down ecosystem of their iOS App Store. Nonetheless, a few things slip through their systems once in a while, including these 18 apps that used smart evasive maneuvers to pass through Apple’s cutting-edge defense systems.

The mobile security company, Wandera, reported Seventeen of these malicious apps, and they were all created by the same developer. Apple spotted the other app, also using similar techniques, and put an end to their days in the store. Fortunately, these apps didn’t steal any data from the users or gain control of their devices, but they ran invisible ads on the background of the victim’s device, creating phony clicks to increase their ad revenues.

Millions Download Adware Infected Android Apps From Play Store

According to ESET security researchers, millions of unsuspecting victims have downloaded apps infected with adware on Google’s play store. The researchers found over 40 apps with adware, despite being downloaded by over 8 million users since their debut last year. These apps appear normal, like all the others, but they act sneaky to display ads and inflate their ad revenue.

Once installed, these apps display full-screen ads on a user’s device at semi-random intervals. Some of these apps also delete their shortcut icons, making it hard to remove. These apps also mimic Google’s Apps and Facebook to try and avoid suspicion. The apps were also reporting back data about a user’s device, including whether certain apps have been installed and whether the device allows applications from unverified sources. That could be potentially used to install malicious software remotely.