Sports betting is a growing industry, and it includes many different sectors. Today we will talk about the countries that spend way too much in gambling.

When you think about gambling or gaming, what comes first in your mind? Las Vegas indeed. It’s the most popular place to relieve stress and play with your passion. It turns out that the US is not in the top three list of biggest spender countries. Maybe it’s not a surprise if we say that Australian are spending most in the gambling sector, and also Hong-Kong comes right after the Aussies.

What makes Australia the leader of the list?

First of all, Australians love sports. There are many popular sports in Australia. Football, Basketball, horse racing, rugby union, and even cricket. Australians love betting on different stuff, including horse racing. According to the latest data, Australians are betting up to 10 billion dollars per year on horse racing.

Overall, we know that Australians have spent $209 billion. From that point, we found that Australians have spent 175 billion dollars on real money online pokies. Poker is the most popular gaming industry in Australia, and as locals call it, pokies can relieve the stress after a tiring day.

If we take a close look at Australia’s population, we see that 24 million people are living there. 209 billion dollars spent on online games means that statistically, one person in Australia is betting more than $1 000;

The legal framework in Australia, the US and EU

Along with the US and EU countries, Australia has very gambling-friendly legislation. Don’t forget that Australia is the first country adapted to payment options such as crypto and other blockchain-based currencies. EU countries are also trying best to keep up with progress and globalization. Switzerland and Malta are the leading countries in the gaming legal framework.

The United States is still an untapped market

Three hundred thirty million people are living in the US. The country remains the untapped potential because, in the US alone, people have spent up to 990 Million dollars last year.

If we take a look at the number of population and money spent on gaming, we see that the US has enormous potential. As the experts believe, it could be related to legislation and the latest legal option for technological development.

Countries that have a gaming-friendly legal system they get significant revenue from the industry. So, the US also has a chance to improve the current legal framework and create another significant source of income in the country’s budget.


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