Another mixed week of results for  Vistabella .

A tight game on Monday gave the Drivers a win against Quesada Diamonds  of 8 – 6 with a 3 shot difference of only three  100 – 97 shots.

The Winter league had Vistabella at home to La Siesta  with a tie 6 – 6 with shots 82 – 83 again a very tight result and hard fort match.

The Picadors had a loss against the La Siesta Golds of 4 – 10 with 90 shots for and 124 against, finding the greens difficult to handle and the Lanzadores a good win of 12 – 2  against the Greenlands Oaks with shots of 107 for and 88 against.

At the time of writing unfortunately no results were received from the Conquistadores and Eagles.

How about coming and have a go at bowling we would be pleased to see you. We can arrange a free session and lesson . You could get hooked it’s a fabulous game and a very sociable one, you’ll meet lots of new friends.

Also bowlers are most welcome, we have a brand new green and are looking for new members. Please contact:  Club Captain – David Jenkins or Charlie Watkins  Reported by : Montestan

Vistabella Bowls Report - 20/10/2019
Vistabella Bowls Report – 20/10/2019



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