Costa Blanca South Bowls Roundup 21 Oct 19

Costa Blanca Roundup
Costa Blanca Roundup

San Miguel Bowls Club – Week ending 11th October 2019 – Barry Jones

On Monday, San Miguel Alsations were home to San Miguel Beagles where they shared the points 7 – 7 (93 shots to 93). The best winning triple for the Alsations were Anita Brown, Derek Farmer and Eddie Cowan 22 – 14. The best winning triple for the Beagles were Noel Davis, Gerry Gough and David Johnson 22 – 12.

On Wednesday, San Miguel were away to Javea Green (always a difficult fixture) losing 4 – 8 (73 shots to 97). The best winning rink were Cliff Plaisted, Bob Graham, Carol Broomfield and Steve Cantley 21 – 10.

In The Berleen Trophy San Miguel continued with their third win in a row; Tony Sansom, Linda Paisted, Val Hignett and Lee Sinclair won 20 – 11.

On Friday, San Miguel Bulldogs were home to Emerald Isle Cavaliers losing 4 – 10 (80 shots to 113) the best winning triple were Ken Hope, Brian Allen and Lynn Greenland 21 – 16. San Miguel Boxers had a good win playing away to Emerald Isle Claymores winning 12 – 2 (100 shots to 76) Best winning triple were Jack Jackson, Dave Young and Frank Scotthern 20 – 8.

A reminder that the Wasps sessions take place Wednesdays 1:30 for 2:00 – €5 for an afternoon’s bowling with shoes and woods available to borrow. Due to the popularity of the Wasps, first time bowlers are asked to attend an initial coaching session on Tuesday afternoons, starting at 1:45.

For further information on San Miguel Bowls Club please contact the President Stuart Hemmings on 965720461, or the Secretary Gail Willshire on 965020492.


South Alicante League, Monday 14th October, SL Klingons had a good result 12-2, 117 shots-78. v SL Trekkers. Winners: William Holtham, Sabrina & Russell Marks 24-16, Pam Lockett, June & Keith Jones 27-11, Bob White, Keith Phillips, Neil Morrison 19-12, Kevin McKenna, Bill Webb, Dave Blackie 21-15, Ann Holland, Ray Clarke, Scott Malden 26-14.

Trekkers: Shirley Verity, Jo & Jules Pering 10-0, (game was conceded by Klingons when a team member fell and broke her wrist). SL Galaxies away v ER Raiders, hard work for 2pts-12, 60 shots-121. Winners: Val Lever, Kevin Hull, Roger Inwards 13-12.

WINTER LEAGUE Wednesday 16th October, after a slow start we fought back for a good result away v Greenlands: 8 points-4, 89 shots-71. Winners: Shirley Verity, Jo Pering, Irene Mangan, Jules Pering 22-13, William Holtham, Keith Phillips, Sabrina & Russell Marks 23-10, Jan & Brian Pocock, June & Keith Jones 22-13. Our Berleen team also had a good win: Ros Holmes, Alex Morris, Bill Webb, Ray Clarke 17-12.

Southern League, Friday 18th October, SL Lions away v Quesada Swallows a good result 9-5, 115 shots-105. Well done to: Kath Reid, June & Keith Jones 28-8, Helen Hammond, Keith Phillips, Scott Malden 17-17, Margaret Morrison, Pam Lockett, Neil Morrison 26-7, Giuseppe Galelli, Jan & Brian Pocock 23-14. SL Tigers a real battle away v LM Sharks 8-6, 107shots-93. Winners: Dot Kocsis, Barry Edwards, Malcolm Ayton 14-9, Ros Holmes, Alex Morrice, Irene Mangan 27-12, Ray Watmough, Judy Carroll, Derrick Cooper 24-14. SL Jaguars away v GL Elms; a tough day at the office; 1-13, 78 shots-146. Well done: Vic Slater, Irene Everett, Kevin Hull 16-16.

In the last 2 weeks between league matches we have also had the pleasure of hosting 3 UK teams on tour: Cardigan, Gate & Parade, also an extremely friendly Norwegian team from Stavangar, who apparently have received financial support from their government to improve club facilities; encouraging seniors to play to help with their mobility, I think we’d all agree with that!

We are a competitive but friendly club; you’re welcome to join in “Vic’s hamper” on Saturday mornings (check chalkboard outside the office & the calendar). For more information & calendar, check SLBC website at: We welcome new & experienced bowlers; come along & see us, or for more help contact June Jones, Club Captain: 691903773.

Sheila Cammack

Greenlands Bowls Club

In the Enterprise Division B, The Maples were at home to La Siesta Apollos. final score, Shots for 95 against 86, Points,  – 10 – 4 .Best winning rink were – Beryl Reagan, Dave Thompson, skip Mike Reagan, 18 shots to 10.

In the Voyager division the Chestnuts were at home to their sister team the Beech. Final scores were – shots for 110, against – 95. Points for 10, against – 4. Best winning rink were – June Whitworth, Peter Ayres, skip Dave Whitworth. 28 shots to 9.

In the Discovery Division, the Sycamores were away to Monte mar scores – Shots for – 113, shots against – 88. Points for – 9 , points against – 5. Best winning rink were – Bert Ewert, Geraldine Fisher, skip Gordon Fisher. 27 shots to 11.

In the Winter League, we were away to San Luis. final score — Shots for – 71 shots against – 89. Points for – 4  against – 8. Best winning rink — Brian Tomlin, Joe Ridley, Derek Toozer, skip John Obrien. 20 shots to 14. In the Southern league, C division the Elms were at home to San Luis Jaguars. Final scores were – shots for – 146, shots against – 78. Points for – 13, against – 1. Best winning rink were – Liz Richardson, Ronnie Stansfield, skip Tony Hodges, 40 shots to 5.

In the C Division Southern league the Ash were up against it when they played El Rancho Broncos. final scores were – Shots for – 68, Against – 148. Points for – 0, Against – 14.

In the A division the Oaks also had a bad day at the office when they played Vistabella Lanzadores. Final scores – Shots for – 88 against – 107. Points for 2, against – 12. Winning rink were – Carol Rudge, Avril Toozer, skip John Obrien. 20 shots to 11.

For all inquires please contact Chris Dewar on 698418987. or visit our website.

El Rancho Bowls

Monday found the Raiders entertaining San Luis Galaxies, which proved to be a very successful morning, the Raiders taking the rinks by 5-1 and the overall shots. A good start to the season for all involved. Brian Gilham, Shirley Edwards and Dave Haynes 15-10. Dolly Ford, Ann Abbott and Marion Haynes 12-13. Chris Ziepe, John Ziepe and Brian Harris 22-11. Gary Dunstone, Gill Bartlett and Rob Clark 16-13. David Baker, Debbie Ham and Adrian Ham 34-3. Helen Hayward, Paul Durham and Ron Greenstreet 22-10.

Meanwhile the Pintos were at La Marina playing Pathfinders, a venue I always enjoy playing, such a friendly lot. We had great fun and came away with a draw, 2 rinks to 3, with one draw and taking the overall shots by just 3. A good away result all round.

Friday found The Broncos having a splendid morning, entertaining Greenlands Ash; they played very well all round taking all 14 points. I am sure all are pleased with themselves, deservedly so. Gaynor John, David Baker and Brian Harris 20-19. Dolly Ford, Ann Abbott and Marion Haynes 18-12. Janet Wright, Debbie Ham and Adrian Ham 26-8. Ngaio Baldwin, Peter Baldwin and Ron Greenstreet 26-14. Tony Abbott, Gary Dunstone and David Wright 18-11. Peter Blackburn, Paul Durham and Keith Longshaw 40-6.

Meanwhile the Mustangs were away to Mazarron Miners and had a good morning fun in great company. The Mustangs came away with 3 rinks to Miner’s 2, with the other drawn, also taking the overall shots. A splendid away result . For further membership information contact Sheila Cox at

Emerald Isle Bowls

Sat brought the Gate back to the Isle to defend their winning run against the Isle in the annual game and they retained the trophy with a 3-2 victory. A great game and as usual a great after game celebration.

The annual Ladies game took place at San Miguel. The home side won this year with an aggregate of 96-121 Isle winners were: P Rhodes S Wickens C Smyth 20-10, C Thomas J Gregory J Westall 18-17

Monday took the Titans to Quesada Pearls and they lost 6-8, aggregate 86-98. Winners were P Rhodes C Smyth J Smyth 18-11, S Kavanagh D Leeming P Coffey 13-11, G Shoots M Veale B Kavanagh 19-18

The Moonrakers played at home against the Neptunes and the Neptunes won 8-6 aggregate 89-100, winners for Moonrakers were V Cameron S Wickens M Willicott 18-12    L Harris B Smith T Upham..13-9, S Bosworth T Harris P Willicott 13-10. Winners for Neptunes were L Freeman S Watson J Loughran 27-17, E Morris M Whitelock M Thomas 20-12, F Close B Eldred P Dix  22-16

Wed  saw the Isle play away at BBC in the Winter league and they came away with a very good 6-6 draw, aggregate 80-85, Winners were P Rhodes A Miles C Smyth J S myth 27-15, Y Mallaburn T Dix G Ponsford B Kavanagh 18-13, J Pooley M Veale F Close P Coffey 14-11

Emerald won the Berleen game E Morris L Freeman K Jolliffe S Watson 22-18

Wed also saw the Isle having a visit from Stavangar bowls club, it was a really day of bowling with the home team came out winners 5–1, but the visitors enjoyed themselves in the sun,

Friday saw the Cavaliers play at San Miguel Bulldogs and they had an excellent win 10-4 aggregate 113-80, winners were D Jones D Leeming M Breen 23-11, P Heaney C Smyth J Smyth 17-11, A Miles M Veale A M Robertson 22-9, S Kavanagh P Coffey B Kavanagh 20-11,

The Claymores were at home against San Miguel Boxers and had a bad day losing 2-12 aggregate 76-100, winners were F Close L Freeman A Malcolm 15-14

Roundheads played against Vistabella Conquistadors and they had a great win 10-4 aggregate of 107-104, winners were N Inwood F Thomas G Inwood 27-6,   M Brookes G Digby E Brookes 23-18, N Prior T Yeo J Bright 19-17, L Bath A Gower G Smith 15-13

The Outlaws travelled to La Marina Seagulls suffered a 2-12 aggregate 96-122 defeat, winners were L Harris B Smith T Upham 22-15


Country Bowls Club with Dennis Wade, Dennis Birkett & John Mallet

First match of the season for Country Bowls Flamingos was at La Siesta against the Pioneers on a cloudy Monday morning.

A lovely days bowling with friendly and convivial hosts.

The Pioneers put up a great battle and gave a tough game but the Flamingos stood victorious with a score of 10 – 4 .

Well done to the Flamingos. A fantastic start.

On Friday saw the Quesada Swans swanning into Country Bowls Club to play against the Cubs.

The Cubs were on top for a while but the Swans came through big style and beat the little Cubs 14 – 0. Shots –  69 to Country Bowls & 128 to Quesada.

Well done to them and hard lines Country Bowls. Better luck next time.

The Country Bowls Geckos  ventured far from home all the way to Monte Mar to play the Monte Mar Toreadors.

A number of the Geckos were unable to play, several out of the country, so it was just the 18 remaining here that made it to the green.

The same determination and grit was evident from the off and even though the Toreadors fought with tenacity and enthusiasm, the Geckos hung in and then went on to win on 4 of the 6 rinks.

The points were so close that the Toreadors won the all important 1 shot advantage on the very last shot of the last game taking the shots by just 1.

So a good away win for the Geckos  8-6

Winning Rinks were: Carole Donnellan, Den Birkett & Les Turner; 17-14, Pat & Ray Emmett & Dennis Wade 16-15, Tom Macdonald, Lynne & Andy Bryce 16-12, And Graham Richardson, Derek Jiggins & Geoff Paylor 19-9. Well Done Geckos!

Onwards & upwards.

For more information on Country Bowls please visit our website email or tel 635086742.


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