Torrevieja’s Road to nowhere

Torrevieja's Road to nowhere
Torrevieja's Road to nowhere

I read a while ago that Torrevieja Town Hall announced that there was now a relief road to reduce the congestion on the CV95 and, true enough, there is…..except that there is nothing to advise the motorists of same.

The signs at the roundabout on the CV95 still say only “Urbanizacion” whilst at the Via Park 3 end, there is nothing to indicate where the road goes to.

The sign for Orihuela is still indicating the road by the Via Prk 3 centre.

To make matters worse, if anyone does find and take the road from the Aldi end they will soon see a “No Through Road” sign confronting them!

No chance of the congestion being relieved whilst these signs remain as they are?

Barry Weston


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