Daya Vieja thieves’ haul – in wake of Gota Fria floods

Daya Vieja thieves' haul - in wake of Gota Fria floods
Daya Vieja thieves' haul - in wake of Gota Fria floods

By Andrew Atkinson

A family in Deya Vieja have been left devastated after being robbed of thousands of pounds worth of items – weeks after suffering flooding in the Gota Fria.

“Not only have we suffered great sadness from all the sentimental items – lost during the floods – we have now been robbed,” said victim Eve Brady.

Thieves entered the garden and stole a number of valuable items from an annex and garage.

“This gang is clearly thieving on a regular basis – and knew exactly which items they wanted.

“They chose items – easy to sell on the black market,” said Eve, from Norfolk.

Items stolen included a new/unused petrol pump; a Honda 5HP petrol lawn mower; a new/unused Draper petrol water pump; an Elnhell 500 petrol chain saw; a 4″ electric grinder, with diamond cut disc and an assortment of discs.

A Titan 9″ grinder, with a diamond cut disc; a Worx 20V battery drill and chargers; a Bosch jig saw; a Bosch 110V hammer drill and transformer; a Stanley tool box with a selection building tools.

An Apple cordless keypad; a Marshal electric guitar and amplifier; a Daewoo microwave; Dawoo kettle and toaster.

“The items stolen were those not damaged by the floods. Clearly these horrible people don’t have a heart,” said Bank Midwife Eve.

“It’s very obvious that we have experienced a huge amount of damage – and heartache – as a result of the floods,” said Eve, who returned to Spain from the UK, to collect her dad.

“I went to the UK to collect my 87 year old dad – for a holiday. His arrival in Daya Vieja was badly tainted,” said Eve.

“I have had to spend time at the police station – instead of having a relaxing time with him,” said Eve.

The Policia Local remind people to remain vigilant, and to report anything suspicious, by phoning 112.

“If you are offered any of the stolen items please get in touch with the police,” said Eve.

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