ONE of the most positive aspects of the recent floods that swamped the Vega Baja has been the incredible community spirit shown by many people.  This has been particularly true in San Fulgencio and the Urbanisations who have pulled all the stops out to help those in need.

Last week, a six-strong team from the MUNA neighbourhood association (their ages ranging from 66 to 79-years-old) helped remove a considerable amount of ruined furniture and white goods from a property on the San Fulgencio/Dolores border.

The elderly Spanish couple in their eighties were helped in the first few hours of the flood emergency by San Fulgencio Social Services as the husband needed to be transferred by ambulance to a property on the Urbanisation sourced by Councillor Samantha Hull.

The pair only had the clothes they left with and over the coming days were kept a special eye on by MUNA, in conjunction with the Council, to ensure they had enough food, clothes and vital supplies of medication during their temporary stay.

“They were so appreciative of what everyone did for them,” said MUNA President George Scammell, “that we wanted to carry on helping them once they were able to access their  completely destroyed home.  That’s why we organised the working party and we plan to go back and assist with the full clean-up soon.”

Image: Facebook


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