The Leader Edition 785 – 07 October 2019

The Leader Edition 785 – 07 October 2019
The Leader Edition 785 – 07 October 2019

King Felipe and Queen Leticia were in Orihuela on Friday to show their solidarity with those affected by the Gota Fria that devastated the lives of so many people 3 weeks ago.

On Friday morning they visited the city before moving during the mid-afternoon to Los Alcázares where they hoped to learn first-hand of the terrible effects suffered by so many members of the community during the torrential rains.

Four weeks down the road the Gota Fria is still the region’s main talking point as there are still many hundreds of people working hard to get their lives back on track.

The residents on one apartment block in Dolores are unhappy with the sudden arrival of a municipal dump right outside their front door, despite more suitable sites being available elsewhere, which they say is already proving to be a breeding ground for fly’s, mosquitos, cockroaches, rats and many other types of vermin, putting the lives of many elderly residents at risk.


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