‘X’ marks the spot on TREASURE ISLAND.

‘X’ marks the spot on TREASURE ISLAND.
‘X’ marks the spot on TREASURE ISLAND.

The Rojales Pantomime Group members enjoyed a barbeque at the villa of their Director, Christine, to celebrate the start of rehearsals for their next swashbuckling very funny pantomime to be performed in January – TREASURE ISLAND – a script by Ben Crocker.

Long John Silver needs a pirate crew to sail on The Hispaniola to the Caribbean to find the treasure, but did he expect the most unlikely crew of all – the ladies of the Smugglers Cove WI, who are more at home baking cakes than being press ganged into going on a cut-throat voyage to the other side of the world, having been recruited by Seadog Sam and Seaweed Willy to become pirates in a pantomime!!

There’s going to be Yo Ho Hos galore, along with some silly slapstick comedy, as well as lots of surprises for the audience.

The Rojales Pantomime Group raised around 3000€ from their last pantomime, which was donated to various local charities and they are hoping for even more from their next hilarious production which will be performed at The Cardenal Belluga Theatre in San Fulgencio at the end of January 2020.    Look for further details in the local press.

If you are interested in joining our very merry group of swashbuckling pirates to join us in the chorus or help backstage please contact Christine on shimserv.gmail.com.


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