Eastern European Criminal group dismantled

Eastern European Criminal group dismantled
Eastern European Criminal group dismantled

The Civil Guard has arrested three members of a criminal group, who are charged with the 25 robberies from properties, most of them in Novelda, one of which, in February 2018, was on villa from which they took jewels and cash, valued at about 80,000 euros.

During the same period there were similar thefts from single-family homes, in Los Molinos and Ledua, as well as the Alicante towns of Orihuela and San Miguel de Salina.

In all the gang is said to be responsible for almost 30 robberies. During which they used vehicles with counterfeit license plates, thus preventing their possible identification, by witnesses or security cameras.

Three men have been detained, said to be of Moldovan and Russian origin, aged 59, 36 and 35 years. They have all been released on charges, pending trial, with the obligation to appear before the Judicial Authority when required to do so.



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