Hondón Valley Artist Exhibition and Workshop

Hondón Valley Artist Exhibition and Workshop
Hondón Valley Artist Exhibition and Workshop

The Hondón Valley Artists held their first Exhibition and Workshop in Hondón de los Frailes on 24th September.  It was amazing to see the immense local talent with many of the artists’ works on show.

Helen, the group’s teacher said, “While I love painting, there are few things as rewarding as seeing a group of people who had never even held paint brushes before, now feeling good about their own paintings and that they have developed a new found confidence. “

“I do love teaching and guiding the artists to develop their own style, by trying different techniques, methods, mediums, whilst instilling it’s not an object it’s an experience;  it’s not a competition it’s a journey that brings its own special joy.”

This was certainly evident from the works on show, including (pictured) one image which had then been interpreted differently by various members of the group.

Helen thanked all those who took part in the event, those who came along during the day and the Hondón de los Frailes Ayuntamiento who had allowed them to use the Casa del Cultura to display their paintings.


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