Mining company withdraws following pressure from residents

Mining company withdraws following pressure from residents
Protest brings over 800 onto the streets in San Miguel

The Almeria business group that intended to exploit the open pit gypsum mine in San Miguel de Salinas has withdrawn from the project.

The company Explotaciones Río Aguas SL, of the Almeria group Torralba, has confirmed to the territorial service of Industry and Energy of Alicante that it no longer wishes to pursue the project.

The notification was received on Monday by the Association of Neighbors of San Miguel Arcángel, the residents collective that mobilised both the townsfolk and the City Council against the initiative when it was first raised.

Objections were made, not only because of the serious environmental impact on protected land, but also because of the threat to residential tourism activity that was planned to cover hundreds of hectares.

The promoter has finally thrown in the towel after verifying that the position of the City Council and the residents remained the same, one of rejection.


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