The cost of running another National Election

The cost of running another National Election
The cost of running another National Election

The King will dissolve Congress next Tuesday in advance of the National elections which will take place on 10 November.

This will be the fourth election in Spain in the last four years but in addition to prolonging a situation of political instability in the country, the recurrence of elections also entails a large economic cost.

According to a report published by the Ministry of the Interior the cost of the 28 April election was almost 140 million euros, that is, 3.76 euros for every single voter, an increase of 8.28 million euros – 6.3% more than the previous elections

This expense is broken down into several items, including the salary received by the 540,324 people who were part of an electoral table as a cost of 65 euros per person.

The Ministry of the Interior also allocated 7.8 million euros for printed matter, ballot papers, envelopes and ballot boxes, booths and signage stands, office and desk supplies.

In total, there were 375 million ballots cast in all polling stations, a greater number than the general elections of 2016, where there were 360 ​​million. 66.8 million envelopes were also used in which to place the ballots and there were 58,000 voting booths put in place.

There were many other officials who did overtime. For example, the National Police agents assigned to the operation received an extraordinary payment of 152.21 euros in addition to which the company in charge of the overall supervision, which was Indra, received 7.44 million.


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