*Horses and stables in the aftermath  of the Gota Fria.
*Horses and stables in the aftermath  of the Gota Fria.

  • ‘Ordinary people passionate about horses – trying to live their dream’, heartbroken Emma Tytherleigh

By Andrew Atkinson Exclusive

FOLLOWING the devastating Gota Fria that hit Spain, one of the country’s biggest horse show stars Emma Tytherleigh has been left heartbroken.

“The Equestrian community in our (Vega Baja) area is not a rich one,” said Emma.

“They are ordinary people – very passionate about horses – trying to live their dream, while earning a small living,” said  Emma.

“I am heartbroken,” Emma told me from Munich, Germany.

Emma played a big role in helping horses in the Alicante province, particularly in the Dolores and Vega  Baja regions.

In Orihuela Costa there were hundreds of animal fatalities.

Fifteen horses were rescued in Dolores and an appeal for temporary stables accommodation was made.

Over 1,000 euros was raised following an appeal for help by EMERGENCIA CABALLOS/HORSES-VEGA BAJA. Emma said: “Jess Ennis and Jaime Carpenter, along with friends, saved 30 horses and ponies.

“They were put in temporary homes. But they desperately need food. Hay, alfalfa, straw, bayo – forage to feed them.”

A point of delivery is Pony Express, Carrer Canal, 03339 The Realanc, Alacant. Tel/Wotsap Jess Ennis: +34 620 459 506. Jaime Carpenter: +34 656 444 583.

*Horses and stables in the aftermath  of the Gota Fria.
*Horses and stables in the aftermath  of the Gota Fria.

Evacuation of horses in Dolores took place, including at Hippica Gallilo Stables: “I spent time with all of them,” said Emma, renowned as one of Europe’s most talented horsewomen.

Hipica Gilillo, where 5,000 euros donations have been raised, a cleaning up operation is underway, but more hands are wanted; horses and tack need cleaning, and volunteers help in the mud clean-up operation.

“Other than feeling totally devastated for them – I don’t know what to say,” said a tearful Emma.

“With horses and the sunshine, you normally wouldn’t ask for more,” said Emma, who has been starring as a horse trick rider in Germany.

“But none of them will have enough money in savings to recover from this,” said Emma. “They will need every little bit of help they can get. They have not only lost their homes – but their businesses as well,” said Emma.

“The stable owners will be doing their best to take care of their animals, and continue to rebuild their homes and stables,” said Emma.

“I can’t imagine the amount of work they will have to endure,” said Emma.

Tomas Soler, who has offered his services to help transport horses, said: “My horse box is available for the transportation of horses and other animals in the Vega Baja region. Telephone 678673115.”