Los Alcazares ‘Catastrofica area’ as call for aid from Spanish government

A rescue which took place on Saturday morning
A rescue which took place on Saturday morning

By Andrew Atkinson reporting live Saturday September 14, 2019

THE Spanish Government has been called upon for financial aid following the devastating damage that the Gota Fria did within the Alicante region and Murcia provinces.

The drowning of people; flooding, landslides in towns and cities and the Army and emergency services were called in to help during the biggest storm since 1917.

The Mayors of both Dolores in Alicante province and in Los Alcazares personally announced the situation to the inhabitants – after the destruction the Gota Fria caused – just two of the towns severely affected.

The Gota Fria arrived on Thursday and continued until Saturday morning – with a “Boomerang” effect seeing the return of heavy storms hitting.

At 5am on Saturday the Vega Baja hamlet towns, including Los Montesinos, Almoradi, San Miguel and Guardamar saw the thunderstorms and lightning strike yet again.

Los Perez CV 940 and the La Marquesa CV 943 in Los Montesinos, Alicante, remain closed on Saturday morning.

Almoradi town is in shut down, with transport unable to enter or leave the area.

The Segura River – which burst its banks – continues to see water levels rising on Saturday morning.

Sandbags were placed along areas in Rojales – in a drastic bid to keep the river flooding the town.

The Costa Blanca and Costa Calida Leader has reported live throughout the Gota Fria, on the newspaper editions online publications, during the biggest storms in over a century.

People are told not to travel in their cars, as floods throughout many areas are unpassable with roads remaining closed on Saturday. Almoradí being cut off.

A JCB was placed in situ on the ancient bridge in Rojales – in a bid to stop and remove debris from the central reservation – with the JCB manned overnight on Friday, and into Saturday morning.

VIDEO: Jane Dales.

On Saturday morning Los Alcazares inhabitants were still the subject of flooding as emergency crews were summarising the damages from the flooding.

Los Alcazares Municipality, which received a visit from the Spain Prime MInister on Saturday morning, has been deemed a ‘Catastrofica area’ and the Ayunmiento have called  on the Spanish Government for grants, labelling it a ‘sunken town’.