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La Serrata Winery, in the Alicante province
La Serrata Winery, in the Alicante province

By Andrew Atkinson

A fantastic visit to the historical Francisco Gomez winery, the successor of the 18th century La Serrata Winery, in the Alicante province will take place in October.

With over 3,500 hectares, 250 of vineyards and 350 of olive groves tourists will be guided around the ancient setting.

Enjoy a guided tour of the Chapel, Plaza de la Bodega, Vineyards, Winemaking Room, Cava de Barricas, Bottling Room, Bottle Rack, Ermita del Fondillon, Sociedad de Nichos and Oil Museum.

There will also be a guided tasting of 4 wines and 2 oils to savour, accompanied by a tasting of aged Iberian ham, at the farm.

Afterwards a visit to the Castle of Illena, a spectacular fortress built by the Almohad Empire at the end of the 12th century as a refuge for the Muslim population of Villena will be adventured.

During the centuries, the castle witnessed several wars, including the Germanias, Succession and Independence.

The huge artillery impacts from these battles, and the graffiti made by prisoners at the tower, still remain.

In the 15th century, the castle was ruled by the powerful Pacheco family, Marqueses de Villena, who added two new floors to the tower and built the second wall.

In 1476, the Catholic Kings snatched the castle from the Pacheco family after a harsh siege. Many projectiles from that time still remain at the courtyard.

Also enjoy the gastronomy of the authentic cuisine of the area – at the Restaurant La Teja Azul of Villena -whose dishes are elaborated with typical fresh products, to get the best flavours.

The Telfy Wine experience departs Saturday, October 5, at 8.15am-8.30am from CIUDAD QUESADA. Calle La Coruña 22 (next to Mercadona).

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