Cigars helped keep Piggott at the top of racing


Lester Piggott - cigars helped keep him at the top of racing.

By Andrew Atkinson

THE next time you sit down to dine, stop and think about the ‘starvation’ that jockeys put themselves through, to make a weight.

Lester Piggot, 83, arguably the greatest Flat jockey ever, survived on a daily diet of sipping a drink – and a puff on a cigar – during his illustrious  career in the saddle.

Teenage jockey Rossa Ryan, 19, revealed this month that he survived on a boiled EGG, leading up to a race at Ascot.

Ryan rode Apparate to victory, having ‘dined’ on a boiled egg, to weigh 8st 8lb, achieved with drinking water, jogging, baths, saunas, coffee  – and a boiled egg!

Eating disorders in horseracing was flagged up by former champion NH jump jockey Richard Dunwoody.

Dunwoody, on record as saying he ‘starved’ himself to become a jockey, was three times champion jockey, and suffered anorexia, aged 16.

Former Flat champion jockey, American, Steve Cauthen -revealed he suffered from bulimia.

Claims that illnesses – including anorexia and bulimia – are amongst professional Flat and Jump jockeys.

Taking of laxatives and diuretics were banned in 1998 by the Jockey Club, horse racing’s Governing body.

The Jockey Club, monitor, and address a situation, if they feel jockeys are finding it difficult to reach certain weights; and also run seminar awareness campaigns.

The Jockeys Association are aware of problems associated with a jockey’s weight, reportedly saying it had been with us ‘since horse racing was invented’.

Retired former champion NH jockey Sir A.P. McCoy, revealed he too survived on a cup of tea – and a bar of chocolate a day – during his racing career.

It’s something that Piggott, who won his first Flat jockey title in 1960, knew about – surviving on a daily diet of a drink – and a cigar!

Caption: Lester Piggott – cigars helped keep him at the top of racing.

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