Car dealership in Orihuela loses hundreds of cars


  • Orihuela evacuates the Oriol Occupational Center

The Municipal Operational Cooperation Centre (CECOPAL) has reported that the Oriol Occupational Centre has been closed due to flooding and Civil Protection and the Red Cross have proceeded to open a provisional shelter located in the Virgen de la Puerta school.

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All access roads to the city are also closed and the movement of vehicles through the municipality has been brought to a halt.

All of the emergency services are currently deployed across the municipality.

There are water falls like rivers in some areas, as in San Isidro, with a force that is taking street furniture along with it.

There are already about 300 litres per square meter that have fallen in the city in the last couple of hours.

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Part of the tunnel of the N-340 as it passes through the Palm Grove of Orihuela is flooded so that too has been closed.

The rains have dragged along and submerged many dozens of vehicles from a nearby dealership and the neighbourhoods around the mountains are flooded.

In the Vega Baja Hospital they are also suffering from floods. The hospital, given the emergency situation, has suspended all scheduled outpatient activity which will resume next Monday, but urgent care is guaranteed.

CECOPAL Orihuela
CECOPAL Orihuela


Los Montesinos – CV-945 is closed from the roundabout at the edge of Montesinos direction orihuela.

CV-940 is closed the stretch from the roundabout of los monMesinos to San Miguel De Salinas and from the roundabout of Los Montesinos direction Benijofar

CV-943 is in good condition.

Closures also in the town centre because of flooding sewerage

Orihuela Hospital

Scenes from the hospital at orihuela, where 10 inches of rain fell in two hours… Nothing can cope with that.

Torrevieja has also had a great deal of rain. Urban transport is suspended and many roads are closed. Kep away from the seafront.