Torrevieja to double aid for school transport

Torrevieja to double aid for school transport
Torrevieja to double aid for school transport

The Torrevieja council has said that it will double the resources allocated to the 2020 budget for the provision of aid in the free busing for families of students who live less than three kilometres from school. The announcement was made by the Councillor for Education, Ricardo Recuero.

He explained that the current PP government is currently working with the budget allocated by the previous executive in which 897,000 euros is included in transport subsidies. This is help that will be extended in next year’s budget with the intention of benefiting more families.

The current beneficiaries of school transport subsidies are those families who are considered to be in a situation of social emergency, currently 57 families at risk. However, there are many more who find it difficult to pay the 57 euros per month that school transport costs  for those who live less than three kilometres.

The intention of the new PP government team is to double or almost triple the beneficiaries of these grants, beyond cases of social emergency, with several lines of subsidies for different groups based on the applications received.

There are two ways being considered; either to grant aid according to the distance that students have to travel or based on the financial resources of the applicants. “We are studying the methods used by other cities to see what is the most appropriate way to meet the needs of families,” says Recuero.


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