Rafal celebrates it’s IX Ruta de la Tapa

Rafal celebrates it’s IX Ruta de la Tapa
rptRafal celebrates it’s IX Ruta de la Tapa

The municipality of Rafal will be celebrating it’s IX Tapas Route from September 13 to 15 with a raffle for members of the public who take part as well as prizes awarded to the best dishes.

The aim of the route is to “promote the cuisine of the region and show off the hospitality of the municipality with an event that attracts more and more rafaleños and rafaleñas every year,” said the councillor of Commerce, Pedro Maciá.

The two main prizes will be awarded for the highest quality dish and the other prize will be for the most original.

The jury will be composed of corporate personnel, as well as members of the Rafal merchants and businessmen’s association, appointed by the town council. Votes will also be collected from the public members of which can pick up their voting forms at any of the participating venues.

The councillor said that he wanted everyone to enjoy the food but more importantly to go out and enjoy these activities that are part of the Rafal Festivities 2019″.

Meanwhile San Fulgencio is currently in the throes of organising its’ 5th Tapas Route, an inaugural meeting for which was held last Thursday, so if you have a bar or a restaurant and you would like to take part you have no time to waste. Simply get in touch with any of your Councillors in the Urb and they will provide you with the necessary information.