How Many Brits Travel To Spain

How Many Brits Travel To Spain
How Many Brits Travel To Spain

There are many things that have become more popular among British people over the past couple of decades – from online scratch cards to fake tanning. Holidays abroad are right up there among these trends, with Spain consistently being one of the most popular destinations. Our guide will explore why sunny Spain is a favourite holiday destination, and just how many Brits are making the trip.

Just how many Brits go to Spain each year?

More Brits go on holiday than ever before. UK residents went on more than 45 million foreign holidays in 2016, compared with just 27 million holidays in 1996. This 68% rise also reflects how many more Brits went to Spain in recent years than they did over 20 years ago.

The increase in visiting Brits has only continued to grow according to data from the 2018 Travel Trends by the Office for National Statistics. In 2018, Spain was the most visited country for UK residents with 15.6m Brits heading for the sunshine. Out of this figure, 89% were going for a holiday. This was a slight decrease of 2% since 2017 and was the first time the number fell since 2009.

Why is Spain a popular destination?

From the culture to the sense of being a home away from home, there are plenty of reasons why Brits choose Spain as their holiday destination each summer.

Something similar

While some holidaymakers seek adventure and something new, many enjoy the comforts of their home in a hotter location. Today there are many British themed bars, pubs and restaurants in Spain where tourists don’t have to worry about a language barrier. Visitors can enjoy the better weather and still feel like they’re not in a location that may be out of their comfort zone.

Something different

For those who want to leave Britain behind and enjoy the traditions of another country, Spain is an ideal place to start. From delicious local cuisine like paella and tapas to the beautiful architecture of Barcelona and traditional Flamenco dancing, there’s plenty to try in Spain.

The price

Holidays can be expensive affairs with the cost of travel, accommodation and expenses quickly adding up. Spanish destinations have long been family-friendly holiday locations. This is thanks to cheap flights and reasonable costs when shopping or dining. Places like Mallorca and the Costa del Sol continue to be firm favourites for savvy spenders or those on a tight budget.

The beaches

You don’t have to pay thousands to sit on a beach and soak up the sun. Spain has over 5,000 miles of coastline and hundreds of beaches. These cover everything from rocky coves to pristine golden sand. Whether you want to go exploring the wildlife in rock pools or read a novel under a parasol, Spain has an option for you.

The culture

Another easy way to explain how many Brits travel to Spain is what it has to offer culturally. Tourists can wander around the magnificent Guggenheim museum in Bilbao or head to Segovia to see impressive double-decker stone arches built by the Romans in the first century. The arches sit on top of a huge aqueduct, and are a World Heritage Site, making them a must for history buffs and culture vultures.

The verdict?

With so much to offer, it’s impossible to choose one reason for the popularity of Spain among UK travellers. What we can say is that it doesn’t look set to change any time soon!