Rojales: 120 litres per sq metre of rain hits. Quesada: Businesses hit by floods

ROJALES was also under floodwaters on Wednesday
ROJALES was also under floodwaters on Wednesday

By Andrew Atkinson

ROJALES was under floodwaters on Wednesday as torrential rain swept across the Vega Baja overnight and into the morning.

120 litres per square metre of rain hit the town of Rojales – as water damage news emerged – after the ten hour deluge.

“Maintenance workers are out to repair the damage caused during the fierce storms,” said a spokesperson from Ayunmiento Rojales.

In Quesada businesses were hit – with some having not opened on Wednesday – as mopping-up was carried out.

By early afternoon in the Vega Baja hamlet the sunshine emerged, accompanied with a light breeze.


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