Las Ramblas Golf Society Results for w/c 12.8.19

Las Ramblas Golf Society Results for w/c 12.8.19
Las Ramblas Golf Society Results for w/c 12.8.19

With a huge contribution from our latest recruits Nick and Rachel Lee, Mike Mahony and myself found ourselves on the winning team in Monday’s ‘2 from 4 and all on the par 3’s’. With an impressive score of 105 points, we were 7 points short of the winning team’s record set back in 2016 (which Mike also happened to be a part of). I have a very strong feeling Nick and Rachel won’t be playing off today’s handicaps for much longer!

Wednesday’s Stableford provided two major surprises. Not only did Ron Percival make it onto the leader board today but he won with 41 points! Apologies for no ‘photo of Ron but his agent wouldn’t allow us to include it without payment for publishing rights. (Plus he’s a bit camera shy.)

Dave Pulling took silver with 38 and was closely followed by (our handicap secretary) Bryan Neal, who came in with 37 points. John Shervell was also in the hunt with 35 points. Bryan commented afterwards ‘that’s the first game this year that I’m going to have cut myself!’ Two ‘2’s today, one going to guest Jamie Conway and the other to Rachel Lee (yes, she had been cut 2 shots from Monday.)

The winners of Friday’s ‘Bowmaker’ were Terry Field, Ken and Liz Robertson and our guest for a few weeks, Eileen Moriarty. A great score of 114 points was enough to see them home. Of course it does help when Terry manages to score 5 birdies! Rachel and Nick Lee were in the money yet again as, together with Alan Douglas and ‘Albert’, they scored 112 points. For any of our readers scratching their heads, a ‘Bowmaker’ is played in teams of four with the best three scores to count on each hole.

Por ultimo,

Ken Robertson says to caddy ‘That can’t be my ball, it’s too old.’

Caddy replies ‘It’s been a long time since we teed off, sir.’

Pues hasta la semana que viene

Peter Reffell