British public support suspending Parliament to deliver Brexit

British public support suspending Parliament to deliver Brexit

A new ComRes poll out today (Sample size: 2,011) has revealed that more Brits support proroguing (shutting down) Parliament in order to deliver Brexit than are against the radical move. There are no excuses it says, Brits want Brexit delivered in October.

As The Telegraph report, 54% agreed that “Boris needs to deliver Brexit by any means including suspending Parliament if necessary, in order to prevent MPs from stopping it”.

This comes just after an Opinium poll at the weekend that showed support for a No Deal Brexit to have a 17-point lead over cancelling the UK’s EU exit.

ComRes also find that when it comes to voting intention for a General Election, the Conservatives lead on 31%, with Labour on 27% whilst both the Brexit Party and Liberal Demorats sit on 16%.

Speaking on the Today programme, former Chancellor Phillip Hammond expressed confidence that parliament could block a new deal. He said:

“I’m very confident that the means exist for parliament to make its voice heard and to pass legislation that gives effect to the clear view of parliament.

It’s very clear to me, and the Speaker of the House of Commons has also been very clear, that if a majority of MPs clearly want to go down a certain route, a means will be delivered to allow that to happen.”

“More than 17 million people did not vote to leave the EU with no deal. That is the key point here. There is no mandate for leaving with no deal.

It is absurd to suggest that the 52% of people that voted to leave the European Union all voted to leave with no deal when, in fact, as the BBC itself has pointed out, during the referendum campaign there was virtually no mention made by the leaders of that campaign at all of the possibility of leaving with no deal.”

October is fast approaching. Will Boris Johnson’s government deliver? With arguments making headlines on both sides there is still no clear indication.


  1. This poll has already beed discredited. It comes from the Telegraph a pro leave paper whose owners back the leave campaign.


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