The three little piggies

And this little piggy ran all the way..... to the Horse Rescue Centre!

And this little piggy ran all the way….. to the Horse Rescue Centre!

Those of you familiar with Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre will know that they not only have rescued equines but they also have a myriad of other rescued animals like pigs.

So here’s the story of the three little pigs.

Well for a long time Isadora or Princess Isadora as she’d prefer to be called, a rather large black pot bellied Vietnamese pig, has lived a life of quiet peacefulness amongst the chickens and peacocks. Of course these avian creatures have adorned Isadora with the respect she deserves.

Izadora August 6 2019
Izadora August 6 2019

Then not so long ago all hell breaks loose – Ruppert arrives! A volunteer came running into the stable yard one morning shouting, “Help, help there’s a pig outside!” Low and behold there’s a huge pink and black pig wanting to come into the yard. On getting this very young swine into a stable surrounded by the other animals it becomes evident that he was not so keen on that. So you would then think naturally that he would probably be happier with his own kind – Isadora.

Are you kidding? Isadora was having nothing to do with this loud boisterous porcine and actually Ruppert didn’t want anything to do with her either. Turns out he is fascinated by humans.

This is surprising as the day after his arrival Ruppert’s owner turns up with a rope and a big stick demanding him back. On dragging him off, he tells the Centre that he has a date with the slaughter house, everyone was so distressed that one of their kind volunteers negotiated a price with the owner to literally ‘save his bacon’.

Now living in the lap of luxury with his own private paddling pool, he can really chill out and enjoy all the attention from kind humans and especially the volunteer who bought him and the Co-Founders who frequently have him in their house for a spot of lunch.

But hang on; this is the story of three little pigs! Yep you guessed it shortly after Ruppert’s appearance another piggy arrives! This time a tiny terrified pigmy pot bellied Vietnamese pig turned up on her own too! But this time there were no previous owners hot on her tail.

Izadora August 2019
Izadora August 2019

This miniature pig has been called Penelope. She is a petrified little thing and scared of everything. Guess what? Isadora and Ruppert want nothing to do with her. Although this makes life more complicated, Rod and Sue Weeding are catering to the needs of all three pigs. Isadora has her exclusive apartment, Ruppert makes the most of the garden and the house of course and Penelope has a secluded enclosure giving her some peace and quiet, allowing her time to become more confident.

Obviously someone has been watching Babe or maybe flicking through the pages of George Orwell’s Animal Farm – the pigs are rising!

Finally on a serious note if you would like to support EHCRC in their work to continue helping abused, neglected and abandoned equines then please check out their website below with all the details of visiting, volunteering, donating financially or donating good quality furniture to their Charity Shops


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