How Can Your Hair Be Damaged By The Sun?

How Can Your Hair Be Damaged By The Sun?
How Can Your Hair Be Damaged By The Sun?

Caring for your hair when it has been exposed to the sun can be challenging. Though this does take time, you can help to keep your hair healthy whether you have recently undergone an expert turkey hair transplant to combat the effects of hair loss or you are looking to stop split ends from an occurring with just a few simple steps. To help you out, we have compiled a list of some of the ways the sun can damage your hair.

Can Cause Frizz

When spending time in the sun, it is important to consider how this can dry out the hair and lead to frizz. Though this does depend on the hair type, adding moisture to the hair can help to combat the frizz and help to keep your hair looking great. By using a UV spray and conditioning every time you wash you will maintain moisture in the hair keeping it strong from root to tip and help to keep a suitable balance of PH.

Can Cause Split Ends

When the sun comes out, a lot of us often head to the beach to splash around in the sea, but this can lead to your hair drying out and causing split ends. This can, however, be prevented with the use of oil and heat protectant spray as this will nourish the ends of the hair. By maintaining the moisture in your hair during your time in the sun, you will reduce the effect that the sun can have and help your hair to look and feel as healthy as possible especially when you are travelling.

Can Burn The Scalp

Spending time in the sun can not only cause damage to the lengths of the hair, but it can also burn the scalp. If the top of your scalp becomes burnt, this can damage the hair in the follicle and stunt the growth. Though this may not happen to everyone, it is important to care for the scalp and retain moisture from root to tip as this can stunt the growth as a whole and lead to the hair being damaged for a prolonged period. By wearing a hat and using personalised hair care products, you can help to combat any sun damage that you may have experienced.

Can Brighten The Hair

The final way that your hair can be damaged by the sun is the brightening element. With the structure of your hair being changed, you will experience a lightening of the hair that could be the sign of damage. Though a little bit of lightening is great for the hair, it is important to ensure you are aware of this and apply conditioner to the hair. This is key as you will need to prevent any further damage in order to keep the hair looking great throughout the summer.

Whether you are spending time in the garden or you are travelling abroad this summer, don’t forget to care for your hair the same as you would your skin as any damage cannot be reversed. Where will you start?


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