Courts rule Ryanair liable to damages of 2,000 euros for flight delay


A court in A Coruña has ruled that Ryanair will have to compensate two passengers with a payment of approximately 2,000 euros for a six – hour delay in their flight between Santiago de Compostela and Madrid.

The delay caused the pair to miss a connecting flight and subsequently a package holiday which they were scheduled to join.

Although Ryanair paid the compensation corresponding to the delay, it refused to accept any other responsibility as a result of the breach.

As a result the pair claimed both the expenses they had lost and an element for moral damages from the airline because of the forfeiture of their holiday.

They were supported in their appeal by the Union of Consumers of Galicia (UCGAL) which encouraged them to take their claim to the courts.

The court has now made its final judgment, against which there is no recourse, Ryanair being obliged to pay the damages, estimated at about 2,000 euros.


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