Torre Pacheco to have hybrid waste trucks.

The interior of one of the new vehicles
The interior of one of the new vehicles

Torre Pacheco has become the first municipality in the region to have a fleet of hybrid waste collection vehicles.

The STV Gestión concessionaire company continues its commitment to the environment, adding hybrid waste trucks to their company van fleet and their 100% electric work vehicles and electric blowers, among other machinery that no longer uses fossil fuel consumption.

As such the residents of Torre Pacheco now have three new hybrid trucks working their streets that will be responsible for collecting their waste.

“In STV Gestión we continue to focus on respect and care for the environment in our day-to-day lives, and what we have now done is acquire three hybrid trucks that make this company, and Torre Pacheco, a regional pioneer in their use. This is an improvement that the residents of Torre Pacheco will see with far less noise than that produced by traditional refuse trucks, as well as allowing a greater load of waste, with a useful load of about 12,000 kilos ”, explains the STV Management Manager, Juan Alcántara.

The interior of one of the new vehicles
The interior of one of the new vehicles

In addition, these hybrid trucks have been custom designed in Italy to be as efficient as possible, alternating a diesel engine for travel and a fully electric rear-loading system.

The batteries of the new hybrid trucks are recharged as they drive about their daily work, so it is only necessary to carry out a weekly charge in the STV Gestión depot facilities.

Alongside these trucks, Torre Pacheco is also working with hybrid inspection vans and 100% electric work vehicles, as well as electric blowers, all without fossil fuel consumption.

These trucks will benefit the quality of daily life of the residents of the municipality and will foster a more natural and ecological environment.


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