Top Tips On How to Write a Business Report Assignment

Top Tips On How to Write a Business Report Assignment
Top Tips On How to Write a Business Report Assignment

A business report assignment is a decision-making tool used to generally solve business problems. The most important thing in a business report to thoroughly analyze the problem and understand the findings in such a way that the reader is able to understand fully.

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Prepare adequately for report writing 

This involves preparing your mind for the task. First, you need to understand why you need a business report to give a clear sense of direction in writing. Then. who will read your report when it is ready so that you can do the report with them in mind.

You also need to consider the message you would like to pass to your readers when writing the report. Then as you write, know what structure to use to convey your message.

1.Structure your business report 

A well-structured report looks very organized and may attract readers. You may organize your report in the following order:

  • Cover letter/memorandum – This depends on whether the recipient is in your organization or not. If yes, use a memorandum. If no, use a cover letter. Both should cover reasons and purpose, acknowledgments, and future actions. 
  • Title – should include the completion date, the author’s name, and the organization the recipient works in. A good title is brief and comprehensive. 
  • Executive summary – Contains information for top executives who have no time to go through your project. Thus, it should be very brief, clear, and with key information such as recommendations, conclusion, and purpose. 
  • Table of Contents – This section indicates the orientation of your report through sections such as headings and subheadings, and page numbers. 
  • The introduction – should be crafted such that it draws the readers into reading your report. Description of the context and purpose should be clear but brief. Don’t forget to include the scope and limitations of your report. 
  • Wrap up – This includes your conclusion and recommendations. While writing your conclusion, state them and explain them, show their relationship to the problem, focus on the report findings, and be objective. Your recommendations should give specific actions on how to solve the problem in the future and be written in order of priority. Both recommendations and conclusions should be numbered. 
  • Discussion – In this section, you thoroughly discuss your findings including analysis, analytical framework, evidence and justifications for the recommendations. The purpose, scope, and expected results are instrumental because they define how you organize your discussion. 
  • References – Here, you cite all other sources from which you obtain your report information. There are several citation styles but the one you use depends on your school or organization. The most preferred styles are APA, MLA, and Chicago in that order.
  • Appendices – Any important information that doesn’t fit in the main body is included in this section. This may include large tables, diagrams, analysis processes, among others, that may enhance readers’ understanding of your report. They should vividly be numbered in order using capital letters or roman numbers.  
  1. Actually, write your report

Always have your readers’ attention by writing vividly and logically. To ensure readers read your report, 

  • Subheadings and headings

They should clearly describe your work and have a hierarchy. For example, 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.1, etc. Both should be written in bold sentence case and differentiated through the formatting. Headings and subheadings at the same level should use parallel formatting. The content under the heading should relate to the purpose of your report.

  • Paragraph structure 

All your content should be arranged into paragraphs with the most important paragraph being the first. Each paragraph should have flow starting with the main idea in the very first sentence. A good paragraph should have a maximum of 200 words and links to the next. 

  • Use plain language 

Your report should clearly communicate the main ideas, which can be achieved by being brief and using simple words that everyone can understand.

  • Professionalism 

Your report should be meant for your readers and can be proved by your tone. For example, use gender-neutral pronouns and avoid contractions. Edit and proofread your report before releasing it to your readers. Appropriately make use of fonts, footnotes, figures and appendices, and page numbering. 

This is a clear guide to help you write a business report assigned effectively and therefore recommended that you consider all the highlighted herein.