Orihuela council salaries to be agreed at Wednesday Plenary

José Aix to be deputy mayor as Ciudadanos join Orihuela government
José Aix to be deputy mayor as Ciudadanos join Orihuela government

The salaries of Orihuela council officials, due to be approved on Wednesday, will range from between 61,537 for the mayor, Emilio Bascuñana, to 46,152 euros for his councillors.

Ciudadanos originally blocked the mayor’s proposal at an emergency Plenary meeting 2 weeks ago, since which time the councillors and their assessors have been working without pay. However the motion will undoubtedly be approved on Wednesday, especially now that the C’s form part of ne new coalition government.

Spokesman José Aix, who will also be confirmed as deputy mayor at the meeting, said that his party will vote in favour in tomorrow’s plenary. He confirmed this decision last Friday when the coalition government was announced.

Each of the councillors already knows their remuneration for the next four years but they have still not officially been awarded the powers for which they will be responsible. These also are expected to be confirmed in the same plenary meeting.

Orihuela plenary
Orihuela plenary

The Partido Popular and Ciudadanos have now signed the agreement they had been working for weeks. A pact that concluded with the allocation of Urbanism and Planning, Human Resources, Culture and Youth, Infrastructure, Works and Services, Beaches, Education and Public Safety, to Ciudadanos councillors.

The agreed salaries are gross annual, and will be allocated as follows: Mayor, 61,537 euros; Deputy mayor, José Aix, 52,000 euros; Councillor of the Government Board, 48,350 euros, and, the remainder 46,152 euros.


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