I still love football- as much as I did as a kid – Sir Rod Stewart 

Sir Rod Stewart and wife Penny Lancaster with their sons Alastair and Aidan.
Sir Rod Stewart and wife Penny Lancaster with their sons Alastair and Aidan.

By Andrew  Atkinson

SIR ROD Stewart gets his kicks out of football as much today, as he did as a youth, when kicking balls for fun in his schooldays.

“I still love football – as much as I did – as when I was a youngster,” said Sir Rod, whose dreams of becoming a professional footballer fizzled out during his teenage years.

“I tried to be a footballer – but wasn’t good enough,” said Celtic fan Sir Rod.

“After I realised that I wasn’t going to be a footballer I went into music, where I felt I could make living,” said Sir Rod.

“But I didn’t think I’d be wealthy, or famous,” said Sir Rod, who, according to the Sunday Times Rich List, is worth £180m.

From trying his hand as a Screenprinter at a wallpaper manufacturer, to that of plumbing, and a grave-measurer, Sir Rod’s music career has brought wealth.

Sir Rod, married to model wife Penny Lancaster in 2007, a husband-supporting Celtic fan, one of the Bhoys, resides in Los Angeles, with their two children Alastair and Aiden.

The Stewart’s sold their Essex family 6 bedrooms Grade II Jacobean style Listed Mansion, for a reported £4.1m in May, to footballer Andy Carroll and his wife Billi Mucklow.

The Mansion has a full sized football pitch – with Celtic, Newcastle United and Liverpool players having trained there.

“I couldn’t be more happier,” said Sir Rod, on a summer vacation on a chartered cruiseliner in France and Italy, during July.

“Penny is great. I’m really fit, and enjoy the shows – but money can’t buy you health and happiness,” said Sir Rod, whose Los Angeles Mansion is called ‘Celtic House’.

Sir Rod, who has a property in Palm Beach, Florida, and played guitar on a beach in Brighton upon leaving school, rubs shoulders with Sir Alex Ferguson, former manager of his ‘adopted’ English team, Manchester United.

Sir Rod paid a heart warming tribute to former Celtic skipper Billy McNeill, who died in April, following a long, brave battle with dementia.

McNeill – The Lisbon Lion – who lead Celtic to win the European Cup in 1967, is described by Sir Rod as a friend, and one of the best Celts ever.

“Hail Hail Cesar! Farewell my friend, Billy McNeill. And Farewell to one of the best Celts ever”, said Sir Rod, via Twitter.