Spain’s population hits record level as immigrants flock in

The Spanish Red Cross offloading immigrants in Cabo Roig earlier this year
The Spanish Red Cross offloading immigrants in Cabo Roig earlier this year

The massive increase of immigrants in Spain in recent years means that the country has to look at managing its population levels the right way. You don’t just have more people online playing online games like the Royal Dynasty on your smartphone today. You also have more people who are using the roads and the public infrastructure. It’s one reason why Spain needs to take a relook at how it can manage this increasing population.


In the early 21st century, there were a lot of emigrants from Spain as there was a decline in the economic growth of the country. The urbanization caused the major cities like Madrid, Barcelona and Murcia to face over-population. The Spanish people moved from Spain to other European countries either permanently or temporarily in search of job opportunities. The country’s population shrank abruptly due to high unemployment rates.

Reversal in the migration flow

Until the economic crisis in 2014, the emigrants were increasing. After 2014, when the economic growth of the country started to increase, the reversal in migration flow happened. There were lots of immigrants from various countries, legally and illegally, flocked into the country. It created a major impact on the population of the country. Spain is the 4th country preferred by the immigrants in the European countries. Spaniards consider the population of immigrants to be extremely high.

The immigration population of Spain now accounts for 13 percentage of the total population in the country. People from countries like Italy, Argentina, Columbia, China and Germany, account for the major immigration population in the country. Immigrants from the European Union also accounts for the increase in the population of the country. The UK citizens living in Spain is about 1,000,000, in which, 800,000 are permanent residents. Spain becomes the favourable destination for people from other European countries.

Attitude of Immigration

With the increase in employment opportunities and economic growth of the country, the population of the immigrants in the country keeps increasing. Spain has become the most welcoming country amongst the European countries as well. Some people move to Spain in search of employment and gets settled as permanent residents. Some seek refuge in Spain. The people who stay illegally, who stays after the visa period without informing the government also accounts for the increase in the population of the country.

The welcoming nature of the country creates a warm atmosphere for the immigrants to flock into the country. Only about 3.5 percentages of the Spaniards consider high immigration as one of the top three concerns. If the situation persists, it could cause unemployment again in the country. It, in turn, will lead to the declining economic growth of the country. The decrease in employment rates is not blamed on high immigration levels by the people of the country.

A serious regulation is required to control the situation prevailing in the country by the Government officials. Else, the situation may get worsened for the people of the country. There should be an evaluation of the people who stay illegally after the visa expiration. The illegal entrants to the country should also be controlled by the Government. A serious regulation and control of the immigrant population should be done to avoid the unemployment issues.


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