Opposition groups ask for office space in Montesinos town hall

Opposition groups ask for office space in Montesinos town hall
Opposition groups ask for office space in Montesinos town hall

The opposition groups in Los Montesinos have never had offices in the Town Hall where they are able to deal with the concerns of their constituents.

Since the municipality segregated from Almoradí, almost 29 years ago, the PSOE have maintained a firm grip on government, with successive majorities, and in all that time they have resisted the provision of office space for the opposition parties.

Now, however, the opposition is demanding that space be provided that would allow them to do their jobs. The councillor for IU-Unidad Trabajadora, Alfonso Paredes, describes the lack of accommodation as “a democratic abnormality” for a municipality of five thousand residents. “We should be treated as our neighbours in San Miguel, where all political groups have offices in the town hall building.”

“We are a municipal group that is in opposition, and one that has the right to have an office in the Town Hall where we can meet independently and receive visits from residents.”

According to Paredes, Mayor José Manuel Butrón has refused the request of the opposition’s municipal groups claiming “that all offices are occupied.” The mayor says that the offices are in a circular formation and scarce, with many officials having to use common areas. He says that technicians share very small offices and the plenary hall is used to conduct courses. It is a very small Town Hall and the space simply isn’t available.

However the IU believes that the PSOE, which has once again returned a large majority, has had 28 years to carry out the relevant actions that would allow the rest of municipal groups access to space in the town hall.

As such Paredes begs “a change of mood in the government and hopes for a positive response to his request.”


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