The Costa Blanca, 5 highlights you cannot miss

Alicante harbour and marina - By Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Alicante harbour and marina - By Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Costa Blanca runs over Mediterranean coastline for 200 kilometres in Spain. Situated in the Alicante province, it is not just famous for beach. Costa Blanca is known for climbing as the mountains are made up of limestone. Go for an adventurous trek or play your favourite games with Age of Gods free spins sitting on the beach. It is all possible.

Benidorm old town

The oldest city in the province of Alicante, Benidorm, is known for many heritage sites and also the perfect climate in summers. This city is famous among the tourists from various other parts of the world for its night-life specifically. The cabarets and clubs have music and life from night to the early morning. ‘Benidorm Low Festival’ features indie-music festival that attracts many national and international music groups all over the world.


Javea port and marina
Javea port and marina

Javea, also known as Xabea is a small yet attractive town located on the coastal line of the province. It has numerous small stalls and markets. This town attracts foreigners in a large number. One can reach the destination through the harbour. There is a nautical club in the centre of the harbour port. One can enjoy the natural scenaries by walking in Montgo Natural Park. 

Archaelogical Museum

The Archaelogical museum located in the Alicante Province is a magnificent heritage site. The architecture of the museum displays the Islamic, Jewish and Christian that existed altogether in those days. The forged metallic-items are kept in the display inside the museum. One can know about the origins and history of the Alicante Province by visiting the museum.

Alicante’s towers

These towers that stand encompassing the whole province worked as defence in the history against the pirates. There are 30 towers around the neighbourhood which marks the history of the province. It also gives a beautiful view of the city and the coastal line. One can watch the scenic beauty of the sea and the city from these coastal watch towers.

Contemporary Art Museum

The unique beauty of this museum is that the host of this modern art museum is a oldest secular building in the Alcante province. This building features the modern arts of various artists like Picasso and Joan Miro. It has around 800 pieces and the display is changed all through the year.

Beach Excursions

One can find admiringly beautiful and captivating beaches on the coastline of the province. Saladar beach is not much of a tourist spot. But the golden beach sand and a perfectly peaceful environment makes it as one of the most rejuvenating place in the city. Prostiguet beach in the centre of the city attracts masses but is a fun place to explore for food and attractions.


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