THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Orihuela

Cabo Roig Beach:
Cabo Roig Beach:

Orihuela, a beautiful city, located at the feet of the Orihuela Mountains in Spain, has numerous tourist destinations. This place has majestic mountains and a splendid beach, and somewhere you are sure to love playing games like the Lucky247 in.

It is one of the best destinations that could provide adventurous trekking and a relaxing day at the beach simultaneously. The best places to visit in the city include:

Churches and Cathedrals:

Colegio Diocesano Santo Domingo

The beautiful paintings, statues and the amazing architecture of this place must not be missed by the tourists. One must visit this 400 year old magnificent chapel to have a walk through the history.

Catedral del Salvador y Santa Maria

Catedral del Salvador y Santa Maria
Catedral del Salvador y Santa Maria

This opulent cathedral has magnificent interiors and oil paintings on the walls. It is also one of the oldest monuments that carries a rich heritage.

Iglesia Santa Justa

To those who love architecture, this place is a must-visit destination. It has fantastic architecture in a peaceful location.


Seminario, an archaeological museum offers fine architecture and wonderful views of the city. It was once used as a prison during Spanish civil wars.

Holy Week Museum

Located perfectly on a historic location, the history of this place dates back to 14th century. One can witness the religious arts and architecture that has a historical significance.

Arco de Santo Domingo

This beautiful and well-preserved fine piece of architecture is located on the entrance of the city. It has great intrinsic details of fine architecture.


Cabo Roig Beach:

The clean and tidy beach located on the peaceful area offers the much-needed rejuvenation to the tourists. One can chill and have foods at the nearby stalls or engage in adventurous sports like kayaking in the beach.

Casa La Pedrera:

It is a beautiful landmark with an amazing location. The activities like bike riding, horse riding, walking, archery and hiking are organized around the house Casa La Pedrera.

One must need an advance booking of the activities to make use of the location.

Episcopal Palace

Once a palace, now Episcopal Palace is a museum of sacred art. One can see eclectic and captivating arts inside the museum.

El Palmeral

One can trail along the two unique palm groves found in Orihuela. The palm grove is big and leafy.

Zenia Boulevard

The shopping centre, located at the center of the city is Zenia Boulevard. It is a popular shopping destination among the locals and the tourists.

Mall Ociopia

Located in a relaxing environment, this mall provides the necessary rejuvenation to the tourists. It is one of the best picks among the locals for restaurants and shopping.

Santa Lucia Square

Santa Lucia Square is a best place to hang out with the family within the city. One can also chill with drinks and enjoy the fantastic view.

Playa Flamenca Street Market

A huge market located in the city with variety of shops and stalls gives tourists the experience of connecting with local people in Orihuela.

Playa de la Glea

This place has a beautiful beach with clean and neat environment. It is a perfect place to hang out and relaxe with family. It has restaurants and small shops near the beach.


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