How Expats in Costa Blanca Can Save Money on Entertainment

How Expats in Costa Blanca Can Save Money on Entertainment
How Expats in Costa Blanca Can Save Money on Entertainment

Spain has a huge expatriate community, with an estimated 309,000 Britons having moved to the European country. Brits love Spain for its warm weather and friendly people. The Costa Blanca region, which draws large numbers of tourists, has amenities for English-speaking people and boasts some of the best beaches in the country; no wonder it is such a popular destination for expats.

Many expats have moved so that they can enjoy themselves and relax. However, even there, life can get expensive (especially with the drop in the value of the pound), and they may need to think of ways to save money.

Have a Fun Night In
Costa Blanca is known for its nightlife. There are numerous bars and land-based casinos dotted around in places such as Benidorm, Alicante, and Valencia. If you want to dance all night until your feet start to hurt and your muscles start to ache, then Costa Blanca is the place to be!

Going out every night isn’t affordable for most people, but you can still have a hugely entertaining night in at home. You don’t need to set foot outside of your new, Spanish home to have fun. Don’t go to the club. Instead, just turn up the volume on your radio and listen to local radio stations like Spectrum FM and Bay Radio; or even load playlists such Latin Party Anthems on Spotify.

You can also find casino bonus offers and deals, which offers you free spins on online slot games and deposit bonuses. There are also 100% match bonuses for live casino games, which have real-life dealers. If cinema’s your passion, you can turn to your Netflix or Amazon Prime subscription or even rent films on other streaming platforms.

Host Your Own Dinner Parties

Restaurants in Costa Blanca can also be very expensive and you could save money by buying produce and hosting dinner parties. You could try to cook local dishes to really enjoy the culture.

Spain is known for its strong agriculture industry, with fresh fruit, vegetables like tomatoes, onions, and potatoes, as well as grains like wheat and barley all being grown in the country. If you visit local markets, you will probably be able to pick up produce to cook with at good prices.

As for recipes, the sky’s the limit with the wealth of recipes, video recipes and techniques available online. From exploring your new home or re-discovering classics from your country of origin, it’s all down to you and your guests.

Go to Festivals

When your favourite artists go on world tours, they’ll likely make a stop in Spain. If you’re happy to travel to a bigger city or spend big on tickets, you can see big names like Maluma, Muse, and The Smashing Pumpkins. If you don’t want to travel across the country and spend all that money on front-row tickets, then you could go to local festivals in Costa Blanca.

In September, there will be the Folk Dance Festival, while the Moors and Christians festival, and Holy Week also get big crowds. Festivals can be much cheaper than concerts and are a good way to meet other expats and locals, and to find out more about the culture in Costa Blanca.

Costa Blanca has so much to offer that you can save money and have fun in all kinds of ways. You don’t need to budget to have a good time in this sunny region of Spain.