Why You Should Turn THC Concentrates Into E-Liquid Using Terpenes

Why You Should Turn THC Concentrates Into E-Liquid Using Terpenes

Cannabis is a unique plant. With numerous researches, doctors have found so many benefits within the plant. That means it does not carry psychoactive qualities only but also medical benefits.

A common way of consuming cannabis is by using concentrates. In the market, you will find both CBD and THC concentrates. Additionally, you can also find cannabis concentrates, which compromises of both THC and CBD in a balanced manner.

We may never know the origin of concentrates. The truth of the matter, however, is that these substances are amazing. They have so many benefits when you compare it to other forms of vaping and marijuana consumption.

THC concentrates explained

You have to understand that there are several varieties of cannabis concentrates. You have to read the labels carefully when buying; otherwise, you will end up going home with a low quality concentrate.

Therefore, marijuana concentrates come in three forms.

  • THC concentrates
  • CBD concentrates
  • Cannabis concentrates

All of them have different percentages of the main compounds, which are THC and CBD. Be keen on noting, which component is in large quantities depending on your intended use.

If your intended use is to get high, then always pick THC. You can also go for the cannabis concentrates. Nonetheless, the high impact may not be as high as when you consume THC alone.

CBD, on the other hand, is a pharmaceutical compound. Patients who want to numb pain can pick the CBD concentrates instead.

The extraction process of THC concentrates

THC concentrates come in distinct forms. Shatter, Budder, crystalline, distillate, crumble, sugar, and sauce.

Only distillate and sauce have liquid structures. All the others are in solidified states.

For these substances to become what they are, they have to go through complicated procedures. Therefore, expensive laboratory equipment is needful. Aside from that, if you do it wrong, you could end up burning your home.

Then you should leave THC extraction to the experts if you do not have professional knowledge. For that reason, people purchase these substances from trusted retailers.

Smoking versus Vaping THC concentrates

The battle between smoking and vaping takes center stage always. Nonetheless, vaping takes the day because of the numerous benefits it contains.

For instance, smoking is not safe. Doctors say that smoking contributes to excess smoke draining and remaining into your lungs; thus, increasing your chances of getting cancer. Vaping, on the other hand, is safe. The smoke itself has little chance of hurting your lungs and throat.

Apart from that, concentrates contain more THC. Thus, turning the concentrates into e-juice should be the way to go because the “harmless” smoke will slide into your lungs without causing any damages.

Additionally, vaping e-liquids allow you to infuse your concentrates with terpenes. These liquids solve two main problems.

–    They will liquefy the solid concentrates. It will facilitate a quick transformation of the solid into a liquid state, but it will not dilute it.

–    If you purchase a terpene thickener, it will assist in thickening a distillate if you find it extra thin. Thin distillates are not healthy. You may end up consuming too much THC. Additionally, your vape pen may overheat the liquid

Vaping versus Edibles

Edibles are incredible at their work. The high these foods produce is on higher level since THC vape juice potency is most elevated. When you compare vaping and edibles consumption in terms of strength, edibles could win the battle.

Nonetheless, there is one thing that edibles seem to fail. The right dose is difficult to find.

E-liquids tend to be superior in this since you know what is best for you. You can learn how to dose appropriately depending on your body receptors and your preference. Therefore, you will know how much you need to consume for the right impact.

Why you should not buy pre-filled cartridges when you have concentrates

Pre-filled cartridges are distillates, which retailers prepare for themselves. Nonetheless, pre-prepared solutions may not bring the desired effects.

Some retailers could dilute it for profit. Learning how to use concentrates should not be difficult. As long as you apply the right techniques, then you are good to go. It takes time and practice, though.

Best concentrate to use

The answer to this depends on your preference. Whether you use Budder or distillates, none is superior to the other.

All you have to do is understand the quality of e-liquid you are consuming. Low quality, in this case, means low high effect than when you use high quality concentrates. Well-extracted THC concentrates should have about 80 percent THC onwards.

You could also decide to use a THC concentrate with a little CBD. CBD could lessen THC effects.

Final Verdict

It is time to make a decision.

Vaping concentrates take the day. By now, you already understand that THC concentrates are excellent in their performance. A full tank can take you days. Therefore, turning a THC concentrate into e-liquid becomes a recommended style of consuming marijuana.

On that note, ensure that you store your concentrates appropriately. Exposure to light, moisture, and oxygen could spoil its broth. The environment should be dark, cool and dry.


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