Rescued Brit was running away to avoid arrest

A second fall took place close to Calle Hawai.
A second fall took place close to Calle Hawai.

Rather more has come to light following the story published on Monday relating to the Briton who was rescued by the emergency services after falling down a ravine close to Villamartin.

It seems that the individual was trying to escape from the very people who subsequently came to his rescue.

He was first approached by police close to Calle Argentina, Orihuela Costa, after he was heard calling for help, having fallen into a 7 mtr deep ravine while intoxicated. As the police approached in order to assist he became verbally abusive and aggressive.

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Despite being hurt he then ran away from the police toward the rear of the Pueblo Príncipe Commercial Centre where he was reported to by moving from bar to bar in a clearly befuddled state.

Once again the Local Police tried to help him but the man resisted and continued to show aggression.

The “race” ended near the Villamartin Golf Course, where a second fall took place close to Calle Hawai.

After this second fall, an emergency rescue team made up of local firefighters from Torrevieja intervened pulled him out of the ravine into which he had again fallen. Despite their assistance he continued being aggressive until another British person approached him to explain that the only intention of the police and firefighters was to help him.

Finally he calmed down and let them provide the assistance although he complained of severe pain in his abdomen and leg. An ambulance and an Emergency Medical Assistance Service Unit (SAMU) finally transferred him to the University Hospital of Torrevieja where he was found to have broken ribs and a broken leg.



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